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Rally Foundation

March 25th, 2015

Project Objectives: Refresh, Revise and Revamp Rally! Foundation’s website using existing logo, colors and functionality.  Rally! Foundation, a non-profit, was established to raise funds for childhood cancer research through grassroots initiatives. Process: Sometimes revising an existing website can be more difficult than creating a brand new one.  The challenge is to retain the good while […]

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NicheLocal Opens The Internet Door For Atlanta’s Garage Door Specialists

March 5th, 2015

And Two Times Is The Charm! Website Address: About The Organization: Atlanta’s Garage Door Specialists…North Atlanta’s finest full-service garage door experts for 15 years…loved the increased business they received when they got their first custom website and online marketing from NicheLocal.  And, now what’s new and special about the relationship between NicheLocal and Garage […]

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NicheLocal Gets the Green Light to Design a Custom Website for SRSRecycling

March 1st, 2015

Business Name:  SRS Recycling Website: About The Company:  Superior Recycling & Solutions…with 30 years of business experience…collects recyclable materials and converts them into new products.  Their work helps reduce contributions to landfills and pollution.  Superior Recycling and Solutions and their clients…local businesses, international merchants, and Fortune 500companies… are all working hard to meet their […]

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