NicheLocal Opens The Internet Door For Atlanta’s Garage Door Specialists

By: | March 5th, 2015

And Two Times Is The Charm!

Website Address:

About The Organization:

Atlanta’s Garage Door Specialists…North Atlanta’s finest full-service garage door experts for 15 years…loved the increased business they received when they got their first custom website and online marketing from NicheLocal.  And, now what’s new and special about the relationship between NicheLocal and Garage Door Specialists?  Sound the trumpets! They became a repeat customer. We are now re-designing their website in order to give Atlanta Garage Door Specialists a new “look” that will bring their website up-to-date… and increase their sales.

Client Challenges & Goals: 

The current Garage Door Specialists Home Page has the eye-catching design and essentials found in every Atlanta Website Design.  The Home Page of the website features what every potential customer wants to know when he has a garage door problem…contact information, same-day-service, a lifetime warranty on parts and service, and an easy way to navigate to the other pages of the website.  Prospective customers who want Atlanta’s finest garage door repair know where to go because the Garage Door Specialists custom website captures all that a person with a garage door problem needs to know in order to get the job done in a timely, effective, and cost-saving manner.  Plus, the website features other Garage Door Specialists services and products such as new garage door installation.

NicheLocal Proposed Solutions For Garage Door Specialists:

The new website being designed by Atlanta Website Design will have many new features and benefits for Garage Door Specialists and their customers and prospects.   Here are a few highlights from the new website:

*The new Professional Website Design designed and implemented by NicheLocal will give Garage Door Specialists a new, contemporary way to introduce old and new customers to their services and products.

*Search Engine Optimization will insure that potential customers will find the new website.

*Google Places and Google Maps Set-ups will help customers to easily find Garage Door Specialists.

*An Online Directory Submissions feature will allow old and new customers to ask questions and receive answers quickly from the company’s experts.

*Website Analytics will help the owners of Garage Door Specialists to see how well their website is being seen on the Internet.

The owners of Garage Door Specialists also chose additional NicheLocal services such as website hosting, business email accounts, and an hour of monthly support so that they can concentrate on fixing and installing garage doors… while relying on the website and online marketing experts at NicheLocal to make sure that their new website does its job the best.

Project Outcomes:  The client tells us  “NicheLocal is great!  We have worked with them for over four years and they have just designed a beautiful new website for us with all kinds of new features and benefits.  We love y’all!”

Unique Aspects of the Garage Door Specialists Project:

The Garage Door Specialists website has a win-win-win story for everyone.  We recently recommended Atlanta’s Garage Door Specialists to a friend and she could not have been happier with the professional service she received from them.  The proprietor of Garage Door Specialists is happy with how his website is increasing his business and is looking forward to seeing his new website and experiencing how it will positively impact his business. And, NicheLocal is excited about having another repeat customer.  Now you may not need your garage door fixed right now, but if you call NicheLocal, we promise to design and implement a website and online marketing system for you that will make you another one of our happy customers, too.