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By: | February 25th, 2015

Peachtree Vascular Specialists Internet Requests Were Not in Vein…NicheLocal Has Launched a Great, New Website For Them!

Business Name: Peachtree Vascular Specialists

Client Name: Glenn Webb

Website Address:

About The Business:

Since the early 1980’s, the physicians and staff of Peachtree Vascular Specialists have offered their patients treatment for vascular-related diseases and conditions.  The practice is considered the premier varicose and spider vein treatment specialists in their field.  Their areas of specialization include problems with leg pains and swollen legs, varicose veins, carotid blockages, and other vascular complaints and conditions.  Their doctors have introduced new techniques which make treatments less painful, quicker, more effective, and less expensive.    Located in south Atlanta, Peachtree Vascular Specialists has four physicians and a staff who have specialties in vascular diseases and offer experienced, compassionate patient care.“Your Health is in Reliable Hands”

Client Challenges & Goals:

Peachtree Vascular Specialists faces stiff competition from other vascular surgeons and cosmetic centers which do not employ vascular specialists.  While the doctors and staff were confident that they had the best treatment center in Atlanta, they also realized that a primary means of marketing their services…their website…was old and outdated.  The Peachtree Vascular Specialists staff shared these goals for their new website with the NicheLocal team:

  • A new, fresh, updated website with a professional presence.
  • The ability to make changes on the website on their own.
  • An attractive means to show-off their office and their work.
  • Adding social media to their presence on the Internet.

NicheLocal Proposed Solutions For Peachtree Vascular Specialists:

NicheLocal made these suggestions in order for Peachtree Vascular Specialists achieve its goals:

  • Custom Website Design
  • A WordPress Content Management System so that the staff can make changes, edit, and delete pages and copy and pictures on their website.
  • Social Media Marketing.  Set-up a Facebook page, so that Peachtree Vascular Specialists can build contacts, list company events and updates, and answer questions from their followers.
  • Setup an email newsletter sign up box on their site so they could start collecting email addresses for future email marketing plans.

Unique aspects Of The Peachtree Vascular Specialists Project:

Each project designed and implemented by NicheLocal, the Atlanta website design team, has its own special features.  The team initially finds what is unique about a business like Peachtree Vascular Specialists and what the company wants to achieve and then takes that information and creates an attractive website with components that gives viewers a complete picture of how the business can benefit them.  Take a look at their website at and you will see what we mean.