NicheLocal Hired by Car Accident Survivor to Redesign Inspirational Blog Website

By: | November 26th, 2014

Renewing Strength

About the Client:

Jessica Lane is a passionate woman with many talents whose life was changed suddenly and dramatically. Jessica was left paralyzed from the shoulders down by a car accident during a rainy afternoon. About 20 years later, at the age of 37, Jessica has chosen to remain just as strong and passionate as she was before her accident and share her story with the world through her blog, Renewing Strength. The perspective that her circumstances have given her have inspired her to share her strength with others that may be struggling and feeling discouraged.


Renewing Strength is meant to encourage, inspire, and give hope through sharing Jessica’s own trials, triumphs, and life experience. She shares her journey through stories-from her van-ramp breaking to learning from a hummingbird outside her window. Regardless of the story that she shares, she always finds a way to incorporate her faith in God, conveying how important it has been for her as she’s fought through her injury and become at peace with the aftermath.


Client Challenges & Goals:

Jessica would like to be identified as a professional speaker, having evolved from an inspiring person of interest to a speaker and author. She would like her website to appear more professional so that those who come across it will take it seriously at a glance and will be likely to spend time there. Jessica would like more people to be able to find her website online as she is planning to publish a book in the near future. She will also need her site to easily accommodate the addition of eCommerce functionality for her book.


NicheLocal Proposed Solution for Renewing Strength:

NicheLocal will give Renewing Strength a fresh look while mirroring the content of her current site. Jessica already has a WordPress blog and knows how to use it to update her content. So we will integrate our new design in her existing WordPress setup. So she will continue to add, edit, and delete any content-including text, images, and videos-on her own. Her current slideshow will be updated with different images and messages. We will also be exploring different ways to optimize Jessica’s site for the search engines so that her website will appear in search results online, increasing traffic to her blog. NicheLocal is proud to be serving such an inspirational figure whose goal is to positively influence others through her own hardships. We will be working hard to help Jessica reach her goals for Renewing Strength.