Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church & School

By: | November 15th, 2011

NicheLocal Websites Help Accomplish Heavenly Missions

When the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church asked NicheLocal to build a website for their parish located in Atlanta, they had two particular goals in mind.  They wanted an attractive website with a design that would give their longtime members the latest news about church events and a calendar that would encourage members to participate in church events.  Second, the church wanted the website to give visitors a warm welcome to Atlanta and their church and offer a good introduction to what the church could offer prospective members.

NicheLocal met with the church’s Director of Communications, Sorayana Cook, and together, they designed a website that would help the church accomplish its two main goals.  The Atlanta Website Design team designed and implemented a website for Immaculate Heart of Mary with these features:

*A Professional Website Design designed and implemented by NicheLocal that gave the church a warm, welcoming Home Page that gives the viewer a comprehensive look at upcoming events and the church calendar.  The design of the Home Page also has a slide show which presents recent pictures of church parishioners participating in church events.

*A Content Management System was added that allows church personnel to edit and delete pages.  NicheLocal provided training for church personnel and made sure that they knew how to use the system.

*A gallery of pictures of the church and its members joining together in all sorts of activities.

*The website design also features important information pages for its membership including the church liturgy and music, sacraments, ministries, and how a person can contribute to the church.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church liked the website put together by NicheLocal so much that they asked the website design team to create another website…for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School.  The school…named by the United States Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence…has one primary goal for its students, teachers, and staff.  The goal is to demonstrate how religious values can be successfully integrated into a quality academic curriculum and the school administrator wanted the website to have a design that highlighted that goal.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary School website has many of the same features of the church website including a Professional Website Design designed and implemented by NicheLocal.  The custom website also has a calendar and a list of events that are changed by the church staff and help both students and parents keep abreast of what’s going on at the school.  For prospective students (and their parents), the website gives them all they need to know…admissions, academics, and student life…to get enrolled and get oriented to the school.  Importantly, a NicheLocal-produced slideshow component on the website shows family and friends what their children are doing in school.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and School parishioners are proud of their NicheLocal websites and the easy way that they can make changes to their websites that keep their parishioners informed and involved each day. Sorayana Cook says of her experience working with NicheLocal, “It has been a pleasure working with NicheLocal and I am very pleased with what the company was able to do for Immaculate Heart of Mary. The church and the school improved their websites significantly.” Thank you, Ms. Cook.  NicheLocal is pleased to be a part of growth of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and its School.  Missions accomplished!