Body by Kariim Gets Fit With an NicheLocal Website

By: | May 25th, 2015


About The Company:

Body by Kariim {BBK} Fitness Studio… a private gym…is spearheaded by the husband and wife team of Kariim & Laquisha Smith.  Together, they have over 15 years of fitness training. Body by Kariim…located in the flourishing industrial district of West Midtown Atlanta…specializes in beginning and intermediate training.  They also provide training for clients who want to try a more challenging workout.

Body by Kariim started in the historic Auburn section of Atlanta.  Soon, however, they moved to a larger location in order to make room for more classes, trainers, equipment, and outdoor training.  When they moved, they realized that along with their new facility, they also needed to get their website and online marketing in shape.  They called Atlanta Custom Website and asked the NicheLocal team to give their website a good work-out.

Client Challenges & Goals:

There is stiff competition for the fitness client’s business in today’s tight economy.  Kariim and Laquisha Smith knew that in order to get clients to their new location that they would need a strong marketing program including a revitalized website and an online marketing program.  They wanted a professional, compelling website which would attract new clients.

NicheLocal Solutions for Body by Kariim:

The Atlanta Website Design team, NicheLocal, suggested the following to help Body by Kariim reach their goals:


·         A Custom Website Design

·         Six Custom Informational Pages

·         Photo Gallery

Monthly Website & Marketing Support

Project Outcomes:

Kariim and Laquisha wrote to us:  “Thank you, NicheLocal, for great website, customer service with completing our website updates in a timely manner.  It is a pleasure doing business with you!”

Unique Aspects of the Body by Kariim Project:

While this NicheLocal project was relatively straightforward, our team was impressed by the Body by Kariim facility and the marvelous work that Kariim and Laquisha Smith do with their clients.  Take a look at their website… .  And, unless you look like Charles Atlas, you will be green with envy as to how fit these people are.