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By: | October 12th, 2012

How to talk to a fast-moving, fast-thinking entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are creative people who often operate with no rules or guidelines. Even when they have great ideas, they often need advice on how to implement or finance them. Who better to advise than another small business owner with the needed expertise?

That is the premise behind ESON – the Entrepreneurs Society of Naples.

“Entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants,” said ESON Treasurer Tom Matthews. “This is a good trait because it allows you to move quicker and be more innovative.”

However, he continued, this same sort of person often moves too fast for his organization to keep up with him or may miss key components of running a business.

“ESON,” said Matthews, “is a bridge to the bits and pieces they need to become a fully rounded business person.”

ESON is a business and educational networking group with 75 members. Through monthly meetings and networking events, members learn from both formal speakers and one another.

Like the ever-evolving entrepreneurs it serves, a mere two years after its founding in Naples, Florida, ESON had already outgrown its original website.

To build a new site that reflected the optimistic entrepreneurial spirit of its members, the ESON board chose Naples and Atlanta website design firm NicheLocal.

“We were looking for something edgy,” said Matthews.


This site really belongs to its members

Starting with a colorful new logo and a lively homepage video, everything about the new website is lively and active, just like ESON’s members.

NicheLocal incorporated design elements from the tools of an entrepreneur’s daily life. The background is graph paper covered with hand-drawn charts and even a coffee stain. A pushpin calls attention to the group’s texting service.

“It reminds me of my desk,” said Matthews. “It says who we are, that we understand what it means to be self-employed.”

The site’s functionality is aimed to appeal to busy self-starters. Everything important is visible on the homepage. Events are clearly posted, as are windows for joining and reading the blog. Members can even join from the homepage and post their own profiles and photos.

“Members love it,” said ESON President Karl M. Gibbons. “ It’s visually great but simple, and it works!”

When asked to give advice to anyone wanting to build a website that reflects the personality of their business, Matthews advised, “The more ownership you take in the process, the better. Be involved. Be sure the buck stops with you.”

Added Gibbons: “Get it done right the first time and use a professional. Use NicheLocal.”

When asked if he would recommend NicheLocal, Matthews said, “Yes, I would! You did what you said you would do in both the process and the results.”

Does your website really tell the world who you are?

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