NicheLocal Gives Prymium Solutions a Premium Marketing & Website Solution

By: | February 28th, 2015

Business Name:  Prymium Solutions, LLC

Client Name:  Ron Collins

Website Address:

About The Business:

Prymium Solutions specializes in planning and implementing unique, high quality, innovative employee benefit programs.  Employers today are looking for ways to solve their employee benefit issues in an increasingly expensive and legalistic environment.  Prymium Solutions prides itself in coming-up with the best benefit solutions possible for each client.  These solutions include reducing corporate and employee costs and securing benefits for all employees.  Once the solutions are found for a company, Prymium Solutions takes over the administrative duties like payroll and claims and frees-up their clients’ time to do what they do best…run their businesses.

Client Challenges & Goals:

Prymium Solutions was preparing to make some changes in their marketing and they knew just where to go to get the job done correctly, quickly, creatively…and in a cost-efficient manner: NicheLocal.  The Prymium Solutions management team asked the American Owned and Operated Marketing Company to solve the following challenges so that they could get more online attention and accomplish a goal of getting ready for the New Year:

·         Prymium Solutions changed its corporate colors and wanted to change their printed materials order to reflect that change.

·         Prymium Solutions wanted to get an effective online presence.

NicheLocal Proposed Solutions for Prymium Solutions:

NicheLocal suggested and implemented the following solutions for the company:

·         The NicheLocal team re-designed the collateral for Prymium Solutions and designed and printed new business cards for the company.

·         NicheLocal developed a custom website design.  The website has 5 pages:  Home Page, About Us, Our Solutions, Our Experience, and Contact Us.

·         Website Hosting.

·         Prymium Solutions will be able to monitor their Internet progress online because they will receive website analytics.

Project Outcomes:

NicheLocal designed and implemented a clean, professional website with all that a client and a prospective client need in order to learn about the services and products provided by Prymium Solutions.  Moreover, information is provided about the owner of Prymium Solutions and his experience so that people can confidentially work with the company in finding solutions to their employee benefit programs.

Unique Aspects of the Prymium Solutions Project:

While Prymium Solutions had a small business budget for their online marketing, they received a quality, custom website…at a bargain price.  Plus, NicheLocal developed a great new logo and collateral for Prymium Solutions.  The NicheLocal and Prymium Solutions team worked together so that our client has powerful collateral and a successful online presence.